Sunday, March 8, 2020

How to Install gcc Compiler in Windows Computer

 Mingw is a free open source software development environment to create Microsoft Windows applications. This mingw comes with the GNU toolchain you know it contains the GCC compiler, which support the languages like 'c' 'c++' 'ada' 'fortran' and 'objective C' etc etc.

What is Compiler?

Compiler is just Converting one thing to another to do Some useful Work. For understanding Purpose ,Converting Source file (.c) to (.obj) Machine Code file, this Process Done By compiler

So to install this mingw in your Windows machine

1]  First you need to open up any of the browser.type in and then hit the enter button and it will open up this mingw website.

so here you guys can see mingw stands for minimalist GNU for Windows and it is a minimalist development environment for native Microsoft Windows applications and it comes with GNU tool chain, which comes to the GCC, you know the GNU compiler collection which supports languages like 'C' 'C plus plus' 'ada' 'fortran' and etc etc.

2] So to install this, you need to click on this download installer and then it will take you to another page and you know the download will start from sourceforge.

3] Now what we are downloading, it is just a setup file. it is not the installer.

4] So you need to run this setup file in your computer and then the installer will be downloaded and then this mingw will be installed in your machine.

5] so the download has been finished and now I'm gonna close this window.

6] now the mingw setup that we have downloaded, is stored in your default download location and mine is the downloads folder.

7] so I just need to double click here on this one and you know it says it is not verified. do you want to run this.

8] Yes we do want to run on that run and then I here you guys can see some information about the mingw. and if you want you can view the license and then once you are done with all those things

9] you can click on install and let it install in the default directory which is C:\MinGW and then click this continue.

10] Now it will download the MinGW installation manager and then we can download and install tools.

11] so just wait for the download to here you know, for this installation you
need the internet connection. now if you don't have access to internet connection in your computer then you guys can install

12] this minGW and you can install it along with the code blocks IDE

13] Code blocks and at that time you don't need the internet connection in your computer to install.

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